SIP-PBX Error Codes

Feb 9, 2022

SIP Requests and Responses

REGISTER 100-199 – Provisional Status
INVITE 200-299 – Final – Success
BYE 300-399 – Final – Redirection
CANCEL 400-499 – Final – Local Failure
SUBSCRIBE 500-599 – Final – Internal Error
REFER (Transfer) 600-699 – Final – Global Failure
  • REGISTER – Used to register with PBX
  • INVITE – Used to set up a call
  • BYE – Used to terminate an already-established session
  • CANCEL – Used to cancel a call in call setup state
  • ACK – Used to acknowledge & complete a request/response pair
  • SUBSCRIBE – Used for requesting statistics (MWI and BLF)
  • NOTIFY – To deliver statistics for an existing SUBSCRIBE dialogue
  • REFER – Used for call transfers

SIP Responses and Examples

100-199 180 Ringing; 183 Session Progress
200-299 200 OK; 202 Accepted (used with REFER)
300-399 302 Moved Temporarily
400-499 401 Unauthorized; 486 Busy Here
500-599 503 Service Unavailable; 501 Not Implemented
600-699 600 Busy Everywhere; 603 Decline

Common SIP Error Codes

1. Error Code 403

Error code 402 is one of the most common errors. It means that your username or password is wrong.

The reason for the error could be that you have a space in your username/ password or the password is wrong due to the system requesting password change which is good to protect your account from hacking.

Log into the device configuration and verify the account’s credentials to resolve this.
This info is available on your Ninja profile under the user/customer in the SIP accounts menu tab.

2. Error Code 404

Error code 404 is usually due to the incorrect number dialed or timeout on an attempt to dial a 10 digit number from an extension or device.

An extension cannot call a number dialed due to admin or user permission restrictions.

3. Error Code 486

Error code 486 is known as the busy code.

This error is actioned by the provider that the user is calling when the destination you are trying to reach is not available.

In this scenario, there is nothing to resolve. Just redial the number to see if the line is available.

4. Error Code 488

Error code 488 translates to not acceptable here.

It means that Voice Server is not accepting and is more often related to the discrepancy between the codec you have selected in your device configuration versus the codec assigned in the Ninja portal.

Ninja, by default, assigns G711u, also known as PCMU or ULAW, and G729A enabled.

You will need to ensure that your device configuration matches these codecs.

5. Error Code 503

Error Code 503 could be related to various issues.

The most common issues are:

  1. Your Secure Sip account does not have sufficient funds to make the call. This can be resolved by loading credit via the Ninja portal
  2. You attempted to make a call with an invalid Caller ID. If you are using a Softphone/IP phone or ATA device, you must pass the caller ID from the Ninja portal.

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