VoIP Fundamentals

Feb 9, 2022

Impact of VoIP Phones on Your Business

Communication is the foundational element to make a business successful.

Your business needs to adopt effective means to handle your customer/client’s phone calls. What can be more effective than an internet-based VoIP phone system?

VPBX phone system offers more features than a traditional phone system could offer. It provides instant messaging, video conferencing, CRM integration, call recording, call queuing features, among others.

These features enhance your business communications to a whole new level.
Having VPBX helps your business in many different ways. Using the vast set of features, you can turn your Business Communication tool. By making communications with clients simpler and new outreaches easier, VPBX helps to increase your business ROI.

Besides that, VPBX makes you readily available to clients and helps maintain connections. With the V Phone softphone at your disposal, you won’t miss any important calls.

Such phones can be operated remotely from anywhere. Wherever you are, you can handle your business calls effortlessly. You can even work from home remotely if you have a stable internet connection in place.

What is a VoIP Based System?

Having a good VoIP service provider is necessary to minimize the issue during a VoIP phone call. If you want to enjoy unlimited, uninterrupted VoIP calls, ICTGlobe.com will be the ideal choice.

VoIP phones use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to make phone calls over the IP network. It is directly connected to the internet.
VoIP phones can be placed anywhere if it gets an internet connection. It is linked to a virtual phone number and provides various features not conveniently available in traditional phones.

VoIP phones convert your voice into digital signals. These signals are compressed into data packets and transmitted over the internet. After reaching the destination, the data packers are uncompressed to standard audio.

Common VoIP Call Dropping Issues

Call drops are a common problem for VoIP phone users. It is annoying when your established call gets disconnected mid-way.

Why do VoIP calls drop? You should first identify what issue is interrupting your phone call connection to answer this.

Here are 5 common issues that can cause VoIP call drops:

  1. Insufficient Bandwidth
  2. Session timeout
  3. Hardware malfunction
  4. Signal loss
  5. Undetected audio

Insufficient Bandwidth

Lack of sufficient bandwidth during VoIP phone calls can result in audio data packets. It results in audio choppiness or broken voice and this can cause your calls to drop immediately.

Insufficient bandwidth can occur due to two main reasons. It usually arises due to an unstable internet connection. It also occurs when other applications on your network are overloading the bandwidth.

Session Timeout

Sometimes you can experience calls dropping every time at a specific interval of time. This can occur when your VoIP service provider has set a time limit for each calling session.

Network congestion can also be responsible for your calls to end abruptly. This occurs when your network cannot handle traffic flow and end call sessions.

Sometimes UDP (User Datagram Protocol) timeouts are set on your router, and faulty SIP timers can cause call drops.

Hardware Malfunction

Your network hardware can have an effect on a VoIP call drop.

If your router/network devices are malfunctioning or damaged, your network will not get a proper internet connection for phone calls.

Another possibility is that the issue may occur due to your headset. If your headset is broken or malfunctioning, your clients may not hear your voice and vice versa.

Since proper communication fails to occur on such occasions, your client can directly hang up on you.

Undetected Audio

When no audio is detected from the other end, the VoIP system suspects the call has failed and drops the call.

Most VoIP equipment allows a minimum of 30 seconds of silence before dropping the VoIP call some VoIP equipment detects “orphan calls”.

It uses the media stream RTP protocol when no audio signal is present during a call. This causes calls to drop and can occur due to silence suppression or voice activity detection (VAD).

Fixing VoIP Phones Call Dropping Issues

Now that you know what factors can cause VoIP call drops. The next step should be how to fix those issues.

Follow the points to learn how to fix VoIP call dropping issues:

  • Enhance your bandwidth performance
  • Increase the session time
  • Use proper functioning hardware
  • Adjust signal reception
  • Remove RTP silence

Enhance Your Bandwidth Performance

Contact your internet service provider to improve your internet’s bandwidth strength. Sometimes resetting your network device and configuring settings can allow proper bandwidth flow in the network.

To prioritize VoIP, you need to configure Quality of Service (QoS) in your router settings.

Any unwanted application running on your device’s background should be terminated to reduce bandwidth consumption.

Increase Session Time

Contact your VoIP service provider to remove or extend time limits for each phone call session.

To increase session time, you need to increase the UDP timeout duration set in your network router settings. Adjust the Min-SE settings on your network device to handle SIP timer issues.

Additionally, it would be best to reduce network congestion by terminating unwanted applications to reduce network traffic. This will influence getting proper bandwidth for uninterrupted call sessions.

Use Proper Functioning Hardware

You must replace or repair any malfunctioning or damaged network devices to enjoy clear VoIP phone calls.

Having high-quality network devices or headsets can improve the quality of calls and avoid call drops.

Remove RTP Silence

Alter the settings of silence suppression or voice activity detection (VAD) in your devices to avoid no audio when you are not talking.

Your devices can catch background audio and avoid call drops by doing this.

Remove RTP Silence

To Fixate On

Business communication is critical for building relationships with customers/ clients.

If a call drops in the middle of the conversation, you can potentially lose your lead, sometimes, even your regular customer. It is important to know how to fix VoIP call drops if any issue surfaces in the network.

ICTGlobe.com is a cloud telephony platform that provides good quality phone calls at a minimum expense. Using their VoIP service, you can meet all your business communication needs.

ICTGlobe.com caller ID and Contact tags features will do their best not to let you lose potential customers.

If you ever face drop calls during a call, ICTGlobe.com will store the details of that call. You can tag this call and contact to reconnect with them later.

ICTGlobe.com has many more features and solutions to offer you to experience excellent interactions with your customers.

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