May 10, 2022

Give your Customers the Human Touch 24/7
Virtual doesn’t mean bot – extend your customer team with vetted agents covering all languages, geos and tasks – at a fraction of the market price.
Each Lead, Each Customer, and Each Call is Crucial to Your Business!
The world has gone virtual – eCommerce is on the rise, and people are doing business without ever meeting – but you can’t be in more than one place at once. Customer support and sales are the lifeblood of your company – so how can you take a moment to step away from your desk knowing the next lead can be lost thanks to poor customer experience with a rep or annoying bot?
The Customer Service Platform of the future is here!
Welcome to ICTGLOBE – a 24/7 human-operated Business/Agent platform, matching top-notch agents from all over the world to every call and connecting you to your customers and prospects at any time, anywhere for a seamless experience.
What do we do?
We handle all types of incoming or outgoing business calls for you, at any time, in any language, for any purpose, experience level or field, for businesses of any size, anywhere.
Why Us?
Never miss a lead with our stellar, affordable HUMAN solution, with built-in, automated quality assurance and smart matching, complete with reports and monitoring for you, so we can continuously improve the experience.
What do I get?
We handle EVERYTHING – from the hiring to the paying, from the training to the matching. Rest assured that your business is in the best hands – even while you sleep!
Service as Good as Your own Employees – Maybe Even Better

Our reps can sell products, collect payments, take messages, schedule meetings, provide tech support, etc. And you control the process as much as you wish.

For more info, visit VIRTUAL DESK.