Security and Managed Services

Aug 4, 2021

“In this day and age, the key to a successful business is turnaround time and customer service,” says Marius Kruger Chief Technical Officer at ICTGlobe.

Your customers can get the “same” service from anyone out there. What gives you the edge?

Response time and customer service. Most SMEs don’t have the luxury of having permanent staff who don’t support the company’s core business, i.e., most accountants, dentists and lawyers won’t have a  dedicated IT department; these smaller enterprises, the backbone of the South African economy, don’t have enough staff to make sure all the technology required to operate a going concern in the 21st century is “up to snuff,” especially during the pandemic when hybrid and remote work have come to dominant our professional lives. “SMEs need to dedicate themselves entirely to the core businesses without having to worry about the integrity of their systems,” says Marius Kruger, Chief Technical Officer at ICTGlobe.

No business can survive anymore without an advanced communication system: Internet, phones, conferencing, email, POS…these all need to work constantly, in sync and with no downtime, to make a business efficient and, ultimately, profitable. The more people are connected, the faster businesses grow and the faster the economy grows – as a business grows, it’s essential to control the information it sends and receives.

It’s for this reason ICTGlobe bundles security solutions and managed services with all of our offerings. It’s the age-old theory of bulk buying: who can give you better services and a decent rate, and who can they, the provider, blame if all the responsibility lies with one provider?

Normal endpoint protection is no longer an option, nor are normal firewalls. You might allow only port 443 for https traffic to your website, but are the “nice, new features” on your website a possible threat to your network? How can you be sure you’re secure? What if the email your receptionist received from a friend was a worm, thanks to a hacked account? What if that funny video someone gets via WhatsApp or Messenger is actually a threat? How do you block these threats and stop them from slowing your operations or, even worse, bringing them to a grinding halt?

“It’s more important than ever to protect yourself against cyber threats, just as you need a private security company to protect your family,” says Kruger. “Think of it as putting your business on a safe estate.”

People say time is money, but this is untrue: time is worth more than money. Fortunes can be made and lost over a lifetime, but time, once it’s gone, is gone. You can’t get it back.

“Make the move, so you can concentrate on doing business, on getting quotes to customers ASAP and processing orders as fast as you can.”

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