‘The Ninja’ Path to ICT Success

May 28, 2019

ICTGlobe.com has smoothed the path to ICT market success for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with ‘The Ninja’. The independent tier one telco’s recently-launched reseller portal makes it that much easier for ICT start-ups to do business in a key economic sector.

The company’s reseller base provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Cloud and other key telecoms services to a significant number of South African businesses.

“Helping our resellers to lower their cost base through the use of an efficient, single-view online portal has a positive knock-on effect. The ultimate winner is the hard-pressed South African consumer,” says says Riaan van Stryp, ICTGlobe.com General Manager.

ICTGlobe’s new platform is as stealthy and light on its feet as its namesake. ‘The Ninja’ is easy to operate and enables resellers to get on with the business of winning, pleasing and retaining both SME and corporate clients.

The powerful yet intuitive portal can provision new client voice and data services in minutes compared to the hours previously required for manual set-up by resellers.

Impressive functionality underpins ‘The Ninja’. Resellers can manage their customers, cloud services, voice services, licensing and hardware orders online and in a flash.

“Previously, resellers had to log onto several different portals to achieve what can now be done using a single interface. The result was that resellers relied heavily on the ICTGlobe.com help-desk for manual, human intervention when automation should be the overriding goal in our technology-based sector,” comments Mr Van Stryp.

“By giving our resellers full access to ICTGlobe.com’s entire voice and Cloud infrastructure through ‘The Ninja’, we’ve now achieved a level of automation that means resellers can direct the lion’s share of their energy towards building and maintaining their revenue-generating customer bases,” Mr Van Stryp says.

New customers or services can be operational in minutes with full technical and billing support, he adds.

“South Africa is ranked by the World Bank at a respectable 82 amongst 190 countries for ease of doing business. Smart ICT investments can see us climb the rankings much faster and ‘The Ninja’ is ICTGlobe.com’s latest contribution to our country’s ICT infrastructure,” concludes Mr Van Stryp.

As a Tier 1 operator, ICTGlobe.com owns its telecoms network meaning it has full control over roll-out and maintenance of this core asset. Operating its own interconnect and networking facilities means ICTGlobe.com can reliably offer voice calls at the country’s most competitive rates. Finally, 3CX distribution rights for Africa complement ICTGlobe.com’s guaranteed uptime voice and data services.

Published By: www.mybroadband.co.za