VoIP Powered by VPBX with ICTGlobe.com

Nov 16, 2021

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as a value-added service remains as popular as ever and creates ideal additional revenue streams for small IT companies in South Africa looking to increase turnover. That’s the word from Lucien Brink, ICTGlobe.com Executive Head of Products and Services, who says VoIP’s the ideal “side hustle” for SA’s legion of growing small and medium-sized (SME) IT firms.

“The next stage of the business lifecycle is in sight for the country’s emerging IT giants of tomorrow, if only they could boost revenue to power the next growth stage, which seems so close,” says Mr Brink, and he advises owner-operated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) SMEs in particular to consider becoming VoIP resellers to add value to their existing client base. To support the growth of these businesses, ICTGlobe.com has launched its new, innovative cloud PBX service, VPBX, to create opportunities for resellers. The product was designed to offer business-grade PBX features with end-user management and access to cutting edge platform functionality.

By partnering with a large, independent VoIP player with its own telecoms network and established vendor relationships, SME resellers can comfortably compete in a crowded marketplace, with an extensive support structure in place at the click of a mouse. In a market segment both price-sensitive and often too common for the client to discern any differences, VPBX sets the tone with its vast feature set – at a market-related cost – which will, in turn, generate more opportunities for the reseller. VPBX as a product provides lucrative offerings around its extension base cost – there is also no set-up cost, thanks to the efficient VPBX wizard, which allows the channel to achieve annuity income with VPBX as its platform service model.

“VoIP retains massive appeal amongst corporations looking to trim telecoms costs up to 45 percent while ensuring access to a vast array of value-added services that simply aren’t possible with traditional copper wire technology,” explains Mr Brink. He lists seven benefits of becoming an ICTGlobe.com VoIP reseller:

  • Turnkey VoIP and other ICT solutions/product suites are provided at the flip of a switch, massively increasing a small reseller’s product offering and servicing capability
  • An entire 24/7 support centre becomes instantly available, offering peace of mind to both resellers and their clients
  • For speedy troubleshooting, service ordering and provisioning, ICTGlobe.com’s “The Ninja” self-help portal is always available online
  • Resellers’ clients benefit from industry-leading VoIP call quality with a huge drive from evolution and network stability
  • Services can be white-labeled, enhancing a reseller’s brand and corporate identity
  • com can bill on a reseller’s behalf, reducing daily business complexity
  • There is absolutely no cost to becoming an ICTGlobe.com reseller
  • VPBX was designed to impact the current shortfall in the cloud PBX environment but advance the feature set with an aggressive offering

As a Tier 1 operator, ICTGlobe.com owns its telecoms network, with full control over roll-out and maintenance of this core asset. Operating its own interconnect-, datacentre- and networking facilities means ICTGlobe.com can reliably offer voice calls at the country’s most competitive rates backed by affordable hosting and managed services. Combined with the power of Vodia cloud PBX multi-tenant, it gives resellers true simplicity with quick set-up via the ICTGlobe Ninja portal.

ICTGlobe.com wants to help your SME make the best, most robust ICT investments – we want to make you an ICT ninja. Contact us to find out more, info@ictglobe.co.za.

Resource: Telecom Reseller