Reseller Newsletter April 2022

Monthly Reseller Newsletter

Congratulations to Afrieta and Firmlinx, who features in this month’s newsletter. Thank you for your loyalty, dedication and hard work. We are honoured to do business with you!

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Best Performing Reseller

Afrieta Logo


“Afrieta focuses on serving communities without adequate internet access. Afrieta establishes within a community with a goal to achieve a 30% market share within 2 years.

Our engagement philosophy is community-focused and driven, from targeted marketing campaigns towards the community to in-community delivered support.

We are known for being service orientated and affordable. Afrieta integrates into the community by giving all schools, religious and community-serving organisations free internet.

ICTGlobe, through its flexibility and innovation, has been crucial in allowing us to deliver on our business ambitions.”

Shahin Casim

Technical Reseller

Firmlinx Logo


“Firmlinx is an ICT service and sales company with a prominent presence in the Mpumalanga area.

We believe in a proactive approach and ensuring our customers are getting full value from their ICT systems and services. Firmlinx partners with strategic partners to ensure our customers get the full advantage in terms of price and the latest technology.

Thank you to ICTGlobe for being a value-adding partner.”

Rudi Grundlingh