Reseller Newsletter June 2022

Monthly Reseller Newsletter

Congratulations to TracomTelecoms and Syntelo, who features in this month’s newsletter. Thank you for your loyalty, dedication and hard work. We are honoured to do business with you!

Product News

Virtual Desk After Launch

We provide a human answering service for your business. With Virtual Desk, you will not miss a call, even after hours.

Our professional team will answer your calls, provide detailed information about your business, assist clients, and more.

  • With Virtual Desk you have all the benefits of a front desk, 24/7.
  • Have every call answered and handled promptly.
  • Messages, donations, subscriptions, meetings, surveys, customer support, bookings, and sales.
  • Calls to your business are transferred to Virtual Desk via Sip, WebRTC, DID, and Click to call.
  • At the end of each call, you will receive the call information through WhatsApp, email, app, or API.

See the infographic with the easy 6-step setup.

FWaaS Launch Newsletter Banner

ICTGlobe FWaas is a cloud-based SaaS offering a range of management and services for Fortinet FortiGate Firewalls. FortiGate Cloud offers zero-touch deployment, configuration management, reporting, and analytics. Cloud Firewalls are software-based, cloud-deployed network devices built to stop and mitigate unwanted access to private networks.

  • Unified Security Policy
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Simplified Deployment
  • Improved Scalability
  • Increased Flexibility

See the infographic for more information.

Best Performing Reseller

TracomTelecoms Logo


“TracomTelecoms started dealing with ICTGlobe just over a year ago. We very cautiously tested the waters as we had disappointing dealings with a previous supplier. Our main objective was to find a company that would deliver quality voice and connectivity that was required by our SME customers.

ICTGlobe proved to us that they have gone the extra mile and spared no expense in their hardware and software infrastructure, providing us with top-quality services.

TracomTelecoms believes that its partnership with ICTGlobe ensures the sustainability of our business while giving us the opportunity to grow and expand our business without having to invest huge sums of capital.

Together with ICTGlobe, TeacomTelecoms is stronger and more flexible than ever!”

Chris Kruger

Technical Reseller

Syntelo Logo


“We have a good relationship with ICTGlobe.

I enjoy how they aggregate things and are solutions focused.

Service is always good.”

Dale Holten