Reseller Newsletter November 2022

Monthly Reseller Newsletter

Congratulations to The E Place and HD Telecoms, who features in this month’s newsletter. Thank you for your loyalty, dedication and hard work. We are honoured to do business with you!

Perfect Holiday Season Product

Virtual Desk Website Banner

Virtual Desk provides a professional human answer service for your business, so go on that much-needed holiday without having your business miss any calls!

The Virtual Desk team will answer your business calls, provide callers with detailed information about your business and assist your clients according to your specific instructions.

Complete the contact form to request more information or contact us on 087 094 2000.

VPHONE Newsletter Banner 2 Website

Are you going on a much-needed holiday but still want to call and receive business calls?

VPHONE is a mobile application integrated with VPBX phone system that allows you to take your extension with you wherever you go!

Click here to create a demo or contact us on 087 095 2000 or for more information.

Best Performing Reseller

The E Logo

The E Place

“The E Place is a company that offers Internet Connectivity, Voice and IPTV services to urban and rural areas in South Africa and beyond. The company was established in 2015 and is 100% black and co-owned by three dynamic individuals.

The E Place will empower unemployed youths of the communities we engage with by offering them learnership programs in the IT environment, which will equip them with knowledge and experience in the IT space, enabling them to be competitive on the corporate level. Due to the pandemic for more than two years, people were forced to be confined in their homes, which motivated and encouraged our business model and getting into this line of business. There is a huge potential in this field, as we all know the future is in the digital space.

Our experience with ICTGlobe so far has been great. The Phoenix team and Mignon Mitchell are pleasant to work with. They are the best team and our needs are met beyond expectations.

ICTGlobe is always available and eager to assist when assistance is required and their facilities are user-friendly and efficient.”.

Seipati Hanong

Technical Reseller

logo hdtelecoms

HD Telecoms

“HD Telecoms has been a leading VoIP and service provider since 2010. We serve customers around South Africa with branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.

We focus on customer service and support as we understand the need for seamless connectivity and communication to run a successful business.

We have been a reseller of ICTGlobe’s services since 2010. They have various voice and service platforms available to us as a reseller which benefits our clients.

The service and support from ICTGlobe have always been very efficient and friendly.”

Hein Bense

Updated Porting Pricing

Updated Porting Pricing Website Banner
We are happy to share the reduced reseller porting pricing with you!

  • R90 per number porting (Telkom network)
  • R80 per number porting (all other network operators)
  • R50 per managed port number