HPT is our new way of doing Business

Nov 13, 2020

Our mission is to build sustainable relationships by delivering consistent service and innovative solutions. It is a bold mission to uphold.

Over the years, ICTGlobe established many business relationships with a spectrum of clients. From Resellers, Business Partners, and Specialised Clients. The business has expanded exponentially over the last decade, and our numbers of clients and staff have increased significantly.

Customer satisfaction and relationship building is the cornerstone of any great business. For this reason, we have appointed High-Performance Teams (HPT) to look after our client base.

In keeping with our mission, we will aspire to:

  • Respond as quickly as possible, and stay connected with you.
  • Get to know you better so that we can provide the best support and offer tailor-made solutions.
  • Take responsibility for mistakes. Transparency is vital in any business and can only be accomplished if we stand in a good relationship with you.
  • Go the extra mile! In today’s digital world, the human factor gets lost, and we want to ensure that you know that you still matter.
  • Deliver excellent service to ensure that you will stay a client for life and become a brand ambassador for our business!

The High-Performance Teams have to offer world-class solutions with dedicated technical assistance. They only have a certain number of clients to take care of, and it will allow a team to know their clients’ business inside and out. It will enable them to give the best service and solutions advice as they are focused and dedicated.

Our clients will have the benefit of our world-class service, that comes with our years of experience in the industry, and still, get the attention as if working with a small business. The client will know their team and will deal with the same members every time they pick up the phone for assistance and technical support.

An HPT will consist of the following members;

  • A Business Co-Ordinator,
  • A Team Controller,
  • An Accounts Administrator,
  • Two or more Sales Executives,
  • Two or more Support Technicians.

If you are a Reseller, Business Partner, or Specialised Client, you have a High-Performance Team, and their work is to make your business their priority.

Out are the days for clients, just to being a number. HPT is our new way of doing business.