About Us

We Are A First-Tier ICASA Licensed Telecommunications End-To-End Service Provider

ICTGlobe was formed in 2000 by industry professionals with decades of experience in the business communication industry.

Why Choose ICTGlobe/Industry Specific Solutions?

Our range of products, vast infrastructure and technical expertise put us in the ideal position to provide our clients with bespoke solutions and services unique to their industry. We understand that each industry has unique requirements and challenges. Our teams of professionals ensure that the solutions provided not only fit the needs of the industry, but also the unique needs of each client.

Our Vision

Leadership through innovation

Our Purpose

ICTGlobe assists clients to accelerate growth through customised, innovative and integrated ICT Solutions,
delivered through a uniquely designed implementation framework.

Our Mission

Enabling our clients’ growth

Integrated and customised ICT Solutions

Technological innovation

Service excellence

Relationships built on reliability and trust


Our Values








01 Cutting Edge Technology Services

02 99,999% Uptime

03 Superior Call Quality

04 Industry Specific

05 End-to-End Business Communications Solutions

06 Established National Footprint

07 Excellent Support


01 Dynamic Culture

02 Service Satisfaction Deliverables

03 Family Values

04 Striving Towards Excellence

05 Driven to Exceed Expectations

Network Footprint

Voice Network

ICTGlobe has direct and redundant interconnects with all major voice networks in South Africa, including Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom and ECN.

Because we are directly interconnected, we can offer you competitive rates and the best possible quality as we do not have to rely on other upstream providers to terminate calls. Existing telephone numbers can also be ported directly to us.

Our voice platform is built on an industry-leading soft switch platform that enables service providers to launch and manage modern telecommunication services on a single software platform. It also offers an integrated software platform for service providers, wholesale carriers, ISP, MVNO and NGN operators.

Data Network

ICTGlobe is directly peered with over 95% of the South African networks. We have the lowest possible latency which is essential for VoIP and business connectivity or any other real-time data applications. We have directly peered with all the major content providers.



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