Data Centre

ICTGlobe owns and operates an optimal Tier 3 rated Data Centre in Highveld, Centurion, South Africa. Our Data Centre permits a holistic approach to design, transform and streamline Data Centre requirements for enterprises enabling them to migrate to the latest technologies.


We offer secure colocation hosting and meet-me-room (MMR) services in our Data Centre that ensure business continuity for enterprises in all industries.

Security is our priority

Our Data Centre is under 24-hour security with hourly patrols after hours.

Strict access control policies

Biometric access control to the building and data centre areas

Tamper alarms on biometric readers

Locked security gates, not linked to the electronic access control

CCTV with a 1-year recording retention policy

Access control logs 1-year retention policy

Smart Cooling

Our Data Centre is equipped with water-cooled temperature-controlled equipment to provide the lowest possible PUE rating for the South African climate. Our approach of fully redundant hot air containment further enhances our offering.


We have implemented a redundant power utility with double backup power generators, which ensures a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Each building’s primary and secondary power feed is through automated switchover UPSequipment with dedicated battery banks.

Water and Fire Protection

A two-stage fire detection system is in place for our Data Centre with an early warning monitoring circuit that measures 0.4% of air particles or smoke and alerts monitoring staff of possible fire or environmental changes. The second detection stage is a 4% particle air change and will deploy the FM 200 gas system. This gas is human-friendly but will distinguish any fire hazard that may arise. Each cabinet is monitored for temperature changes and fully integrated into our monitoring software architecture.

  • Automatic fire suppression is linked to the fire alarm using HFC-227ea gas, leaving no residue on valuable equipment after discharge. The fire suppression system is connected to smoke and particle detectors located throughout the Data Centre, communications room, UPS room, as well as under the raised flooring
  • Automated notifications from humidity and temperature sensors
  • Automated notifications from water leak sensors
  • Flooding prevention with automated water pumps

Data centre solutions

01 Colocation hosting

02 Meet-me-room services

03 Virtual server hosting

04 Layer 2 services

05 Consolidation and optimization

06 Transformation and automated systems management

07 Cloud-based infrastructure as a service

08 Business continuity planning and implementation

09 Disaster recovery road mapping


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