Collaboration the stand-out theme of ICT growth accelerator


Current and prospective business partner guests were welcomed to the event at the Moonshot Cafe aimed at enabling ICTGlobe and its resellers to take advantage of growth within the local ICT (Information and Communications Technology) industry. 


Jacaranda FM’s Mack Rapapali set the tone for the day by noting that despite significant challenges, enormous opportunities exist in Africa’s biggest and most industrialised economy and collaboration between like-minded business partners is the only way to go.

Rad Jankovic, ICTGlobe’s Co-CEO (Business Development & Finance), emphasised how much the company valued its extensive network of over 900 reseller business partners, while noting the benefits of two-way collaboration. “SME business confidence is improving as load shedding subsides, however going it alone in the competitive local ICT market is risky at the best of times.” 


Being part of a nationwide network of voice and data resellers is the ICT industry equivalent of franchising and, as is the case in many sectors, financing is often an issue. Small reseller business partners at the event listened intently as the commercial experts at ICTGlobe guided attendees through the process of securing asset finance in order to facilitate business growth.

For ICTGlobe, there was much to be learnt from current resellers’ experience of dealing with SA’s end SME and corporate ICT users.

Because of the clear impact on fulfilling customer needs, the business partners listened intently as ICTGlobe’s Unique Implementation Framework that prioritises a teams-based approach in responding to needs was highlighted. Other topics crucial to the success of business in the sector were discussed at length. These included the power of continuous learning, training and development to help reseller partners stay ahead of the curve, innovative marketing techniques for the digital age, new era sales strategies that focus on profitability over revenue, the benefits of product bundling and diversification to expand market reach, best practices for delivering excellent customer service and the role of automation in boosting efficiency.

Examples of ICTGlobe’s current suite of tech-based products and services finding favour with ICT resellers and their clients include 3CX, recognised worldwide as the gold standard of IP-driven, Cloud-based switchboards. Furthermore, ICTGlobe last year concluded wholesale agreements with a major fibre network operator (FNO), a licensed wireless provider and two new fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) providers. This adds to the firm’s tally of aggregation agreements and means channel partners have a greater array of carrier-grade, licensed fixed-wireless and fibre connectivity options to offer their wholesale, resale and enterprise clients.

“The ICT Accelerator was about enabling business partners to take advantage of growth as the sector gathers steam, the event was also about ICTGlobe playing its part to help foster growth in a key industry. After seeing how well the inaugural event was received by resellers, and noting how much ICTGlobe itself learnt, we’ll be sure to host more in the future,” Jankovic concluded.

ICTGlobe is a premium independent business communication provider with a reputation for offering flexibility in pricing, terms, conditions and more to the end SME and enterprise clients. With a distribution channel throughout South Africa, and a growing global reach, ICTGlobe’s renewed vision for 2024 and beyond is to enable both reseller and client business partners to achieve their own growth aspirations.

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