Business communication and managed services provider ICTGlobe.com has combined the ability to boost bandwidth by up to five times when necessary, at a very low additional cost, with double and triple redundancy. This helps keep businesses running when both the power and the connectivity goes down.

The Centurion-headquartered SA firm with a local and international presence ties the cost and uptime benefits of its ICTGlobe burstable data service together with its Unique Implementation Framework. This customer-centric approach has been rolled out across the firm’s nationwide footprint and prioritises a teams-based, custom approach in responding to client needs.

When it comes to the bundled double or triple redundancy options added to the ICTGlobe.com burstable offerings, UPS and NetSwitch failover eliminates the risk of downtime due to fibre breaks, primary connectivity failure and power outages. Routers remain powered while automatic NetSwitch failover means seamless switching to a backup connection following primary provider tower failure. Connection to a third wireless network can even be provided in case of poor signal.

“Aside from ever-present cost concerns, increased uptime in response to the electricity crisis have been priority requests from channel partners and we’re pleased to have played ball with no-cost burstability, more redundant links and the provision of essential back-up hardware,” says Rad Jankovic, co-CEO of ICTGlobe.com.

“This is another example of ICTGlobe.com providing bespoke solutions to the cost-stressed and exceptionally valuable ICT sector that needs to be looked after due to its enormous GDP-boosting impact,” he added.

Burstable Internet from ICTGlobe comes in 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps varieties. The former can burst to 500 Mbps and the latter can burst to 1 Gbps during peak periods while both options include the NetSwitch automated failover feature that boosts organisational uptime.

With Burstable Internet bundles, companies can also add unlimited SIP trunks to connect their existing phone system and then also get the benefit of highly-competitive call rates as well.

This latest news follows the firm’s stated commitment last month to a flexible approach in its interaction with its network of channel partners. In March, Jankovic set the tone: “The current business climate means the one-size fits all voice, data and other ICT services model is finished.”

The firm is today one of the country’s leading independent voice providers with a reputation for offering flexibility in pricing, terms, conditions and more to the end SME and enterprise client.

With a distribution channel of over 900 business partners in South Africa, SADC countries as well as a presence in the UK and Cyprus, ICTGlobe.com’s renewed vision is to enable business partners to achieve their growth aspirations through innovative ICT products and services, all delivered through a unique implementation framework.

In 2023, ICTGlobe.com is building on its vision with dynamic teams and a renewed focus on innovation.

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