ICTGlobe has recently expanded its network by entering into aggregation agreements with new providers, further enhancing its range of offerings.

These agreements provide ICTGlobe’s channel partners with a broader selection of carrier-grade fixed-wireless and fibre connectivity options to cater to their Fibre-to-the-Business (FTTB) clients.

New Providers

By partnering with multiple owners of last-mile fibre and microwave links, ICTGlobe is able to leverage competition, economies of scale, and preferential rates for its channel partners, resulting in reduced costs for business connectivity.

Rad Jankovic, the co-CEO of ICTGlobe, highlights the potential savings of up to 40% on monthly voice and data bills as a result of these agreements.

This reduction in communication costs is particularly beneficial for corporate South Africa and small businesses as they grapple with controlling other input costs.

In the absence of significant annual economic growth, Jankovic emphasizes that driving down telecommunications costs through increased competition is a viable strategy to propel South Africa forward.

These new agreements with licensed open-access fibre providers, as well as a national licensed microwave provider, contribute to the diversification of ICTGlobe’s offerings.

Microwave fixed-wireless access, in particular, serves as a reliable backup internet option, crucial for business continuity in power-starved areas.


Moreover, ICTGlobe has recently introduced NetSwitch, a purpose-built connectivity product designed for remote areas.

Noteworthy among its features is the ability to maintain 99.99% uptime when connected to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

NetSwitch achieves this by simultaneously synchronizing connectivity and services from multiple providers, ensuring uninterrupted operations, continuity, and redundancy.

It also caters to low-jitter, real-time applications, making it an ideal choice for vital applications and remote branch connectivity.

About ICTGlobe

ICTGlobe is recognized as a leading independent connectivity provider in South Africa, renowned for its flexible pricing, terms, and conditions, catering to both SME and enterprise clients.

The company’s vision is to enable its business partners to flourish and achieve their growth objectives, which it accomplishes through its new aggregation agreements and the introduction of innovative solutions like NetSwitch.

Speak to one of our client relationship managers about getting the right solutions implemented in your business.


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