The ICT industry continues to evolve rapidly, leading to huge demand for innovative solutions and services and presenting immense opportunities to entrepreneurs in South Africa.

ICTGlobe understands the potential of entrepreneurship in South Africa and therefore partnered with five aspiring entrepreneurs to help them establish and manage their own ICTGlobe branches.

True leadership arises when promising individuals are provided with innovative platforms, tools, and support to excel – and this inspired ICTGlobe to empower these five entrepreneurs.

Throughout this journey and becoming part of the ICTGlobe ecosystem, these entrepreneurs have been backed by ICTGlobe with a robust support system and a core team of product and service delivery departments.

They have also benefitted from ICTGlobe’s wide range of comprehensive services and solutions.

With ICTGlobe as their supporting partner, they can confidently navigate the ever-evolving ICT landscape and drive their businesses forward.

Comprehensive service offerings

ICTGlobe is a great partner for these entrepreneurs because it has a comprehensive suite of services that are designed to meet the diverse business continuity needs of enterprise clients operating in the digital age.

It has your business covered across the following services:

  • Voice services – Clear, reliable, and cost-effective voice calls that are essential for any business.
  • Business communication solutions – Solutions tailored to your business’s communication needs.
  • Cloud and managed services – Its tier 3 state-of-the-art data centre offers full redundancy.
  • Connectivity solutions – ICTGlobe provides the most suitable, fast, and reliable FTTB, FTTH, LTE, wireless, and satellite connectivity.
  • Point of Sale (POS) – ICTGlobe offers a wide range of POS terminals for any industry, and can convert a mobile phone into an integrated POS device.
  • ICT hardware and software – ICTGlobe offers a wide range of ICT software and hardware solutions to support the technological needs of entrepreneurs and businesses.

From servers, routers, and IP phones to security solutions, call recording software, and business emails – ICTGlobe’s comprehensive portfolio ensures that businesses have access to the latest cutting-edge technology to optimise their operations and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Get 20% off ICTGlobe’s hosting and co-location services throughout July 2023 – which now start at only R8,000 per month.

New Head of Business Development


In line with its commitment to fostering leadership, ICTGlobe is excited to introduce its new Head of Business Development for ICTGlobe Highveld, Craig Green.

Green is well known in the industry as the previous Senior Manager for Consumer and Enterprise Sales at Openserve, where he managed a large team of account managers.

He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role, having spearheaded successful ICT initiatives across South Africa.

His strategic vision and dedication to empowering entrepreneurs make him a valuable asset to the ICTGlobe team.

Speak to one of our client relationship managers about getting the right solutions implemented in your business.


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