Business communication and managed services provider ICTGlobe is committed to a flexible approach in its interaction with its 900-plus network of channel partners and enterprise clients.

“The current business climate means the one-size fits all voice, data and other ICT services model is finished,” says Rad Jankovic, co-CEO ICTGlobe.

The Centurion-headquartered firm is one of the country’s leading independent voice providers and believes that industry channel partners are looking to upstream providers to be more flexible in terms of pricing, terms, conditions and more.

“The economy means one cannot keep hammering square pegs into round holes and hope to survive into 2024. We’ve formalised our bespoke approach and our channel partners are clear that most aspects of an ICT contract can be negotiated, except for instances where enterprise-grade data links are required,” Jankovic explained.

The priority requests from channel partners and enterprise clients are for pricing and value-added services flexibility as well as for the kind of quality and uptime that comes from multi-core network layer redundancy for voice and data networks.

This includes, for example, having access to additional bandwidth at certain times without having to pay for it as a fixed monthly fee. ICTGlobe has responded to this need with the launch its ICTGlobe burstable data service. This innovation allows clients to have access, when needed, to up to five times the amount of bandwidth they are paying for, together with bundled double or triple redundancy options.

Operating challenges created by the country’s unreliable electricity supply also means there’s a massive demand from enterprise, channel partners and their business clients for reliable and cost effective service redundancy and guaranteed uptimes.

“We’re happy to accommodate reseller requests relating to flexibility, affordability and reliability, in particular, because this helps make our enterprise clients get on with their business and our channel partners be more competitive,” says Jankovic.

ICTGlobe recently launched its Virtual Service Provider model which enables the smaller telecoms, internet and IT companies to stay independent while effectively competing with larger players. Because it is a modular offering, this is another example of ICTGlobe providing bespoke solutions to this under-pressure, but exceptionally valuable ICT sector.

ICTGlobe has historically innovated in a very commoditised space by providing modular and scalable access to ICT products and services, infrastructure, billing systems, voice platforms, technical maintenance and more required to offer ISP services.

With a distribution channel of over 900 business partners in South Africa, SADC countries as well as a presence in the UK and Cyprus, ICTGlobe’s renewed vision is to enable business partners to achieve their growth aspirations through innovative ICT products and services, all delivered through a unique implementation framework.

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