ICTGlobe Multi-Link addresses the challenges and opportunities that are created by complex Fibre To The Home networks and provides a interconnect platform for open-access networks.

ICTGlobe Multilink

How it works

Enables service providers to connect into multiple aggregated infrastructure networks on a national level with a single physical interconnect.

Controlled environment to manage and facilitate PPPOE connections.

The national interconnect can be used for Isando Cape Town and Durban with traffic delivery to the national interconnect port in all commercial interconnect environments. Providing national long-distance backhaul.

Provide radius services to easily integrate your network services with the Infrastructure and automate the subscriber experience.

01 PLAN – Expand your fibre coverage – find out where market opportunities exist.

02 INSTALL – Schedule installations and communicate with your customers throughout the whole process.

03 MANAGE – Create work orders for maintenance, change of fibre product and change of internet service providers.

This product covers the tools to assist Multi-Link resellers that aim to provide a National Footprint on “ISP” services to subscribers on various Fibre Network Operators

04 MONITOR – View statistics on the number of operational and non-operational systems, as well as the status.

05 INTERCONNECT – Simplify the management and maintenance of interconnecting services between FNO`s.

06 CONSULTING SERVICES – With our extensive experience in the fibre network industry, we provide the insights you need to optimise your business.


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