That Cloud Looks Attractive Right Now

Calendar 02 May 2019 | Calendar Business

The uncertainties around the upcoming National Elections, severe weather conditions and ratings agency downgrades are all dealing body blows to our already struggling economy, says

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Automation The Answer To Local Skills Shortage

Calendar 17 April 2019 | Calendar Business

“By automating, you’re essentially freeing up human resources to focus on their own growth and development,”

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Keep Overheads Low In Challenging Times, Says

Calendar 28 March 2019 | Calendar Business

SMEs are the engine of our economy with some 60% of employed South Africans working for small and medium-sized enterprises. What, however, keeps reseller SMEs in the country’s competitive ICT sector m...

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Lighten The Load (Shedding) With

Calendar 28 February 2019 | Calendar Datacentre

As South Africa’s electricity woes continue with renewed vigor into 2019, tens of millions of the country’s telecoms consumers have already experienced the effects of outages as their mobile phones sw...

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What's Your VoIP Call Quality Number?

Calendar 19 February 2019 | Calendar Technical

When it comes to our business lives, do we have any idea what call quality we're receiving from our corporate Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider?

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Voice Is Back And On-trend For 2019

Calendar 23 January 2019 | Calendar Voice

From mobile voice notes to IP-based voice calls, voice is once again dominating communications.

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