ICTGlobe’s SpotterApp is an awesome way to earn a substantial additional income in South Africa.

It has been launched at the perfect time, as many South Africans are in serious need of an additional source of income.

The numbers don’t lie.

Inflation is currently sitting at 7.9% year-on-year in South Africa, and the expanded unemployment rate is a shocking 42%.

Furthermore, many South Africans are losing their jobs as external factors like load-shedding affect their bottom lines.

Thankfully, in these extremely difficult economic times, ICTGlobe has you covered.

Through a single app, you can generate an additional source of income – all thanks to proudly South African business ICTGlobe.

Empowering Your Network

The ICTGlobe SpotterApp is your gateway to earning a significant additional income by recommending a vast array of cutting-edge Information Communication Technology solutions to your network of businesses.

It’s more than just a referral program, though. It’s a game-changer that can elevate your financial prospects.

Here’s the best part: There’s no cap on your earnings potential.

You’ll receive a percentage of the invoiced amount for every lead you refer that successfully converts into a client.

Therefore, your income potential is limited only by your networking abilities.

How the SpotterApp Works

Getting started with the SpotterApp is a breeze, requiring just four simple steps:

  1. Sign Up: Signing up as an ICTGlobe Spotter is easy and quick. Sign up here!
  2. Identify Potential Clients: Begin by identifying potential clients in your network who could benefit from ICTGlobe’s world-class solutions.
  3. Log Leads on SpotterApp: Log your leads on the SpotterApp, including their contact information.
  4. Leave the Rest to Us: An ICTGlobe representative will swiftly reach out to your leads, typically within one business day.

You can then track each lead’s progress through your personalised SpotterApp dashboard.

If a lead successfully converts, you’ll receive an instant notification – and money in your account!

Seamless Experience

Whether you’re using a smartphone or any internet browser, you can easily access SpotterApp for free.

It is designed with user-friendliness in mind, too, courtesy of an intuitive interface that ensures a smooth experience.

Plus, there are no hidden catches like monthly targets or product training, which makes it the ideal avenue for securing additional income on your own terms.

ICTGlobe: A Trusted Partner

When you recommend ICTGlobe products through SpotterApp, you endorse a well-respected brand known for its world-class Information Communication Technology offerings.

Your business network can rest assured that it is receiving top-notch products designed to drive growth through innovation and integration.

Some of ICTGlobe’s standout products include:

  • CallVault – Clients can supercharge their customer experience with AI-powered call recording analysis.
  • iPOS – Businesses, hotels and restaurants can streamline and enhance their point-of-sale processes.
  • IceWarp – Clients can streamline their entire office’s emails, web meetings, chat and document collaboration at half the cost.
  • Fibre Connectivity – Business operations can thrive with secure internet and can continue with backup internet during power outages.

Join the Revolution

Take advantage of the opportunity to boost your income and support your business network with high-quality solutions.

Sign up as an ICTGlobe spotter today or contact us at 012 880 0000.

It’s time to unlock your financial potential with the ICTGlobe SpotterApp.


Speak to one of our client relationship managers about getting the right solutions implemented in your business.


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