Clients of business communication and managed services provider ICTGlobe.com can now use AI to analyse voice-based customer feedback more effectively.

The launch of CallVault BI as an add-on to the ICTGlobe.com call recording platform means tailored solutions can be developed that use AI-based call analysis.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, businesses require more sophisticated solutions to enhance their performance.

“Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a remarkable opportunity to not only elevate customer service levels but also to optimise sales strategies, making them more targeted, intelligent and effective,” says ICTGlobe.com co-CEO of Technology and Operations, Hannes Viljoen. 

“With CallVault BI, call recordings are no longer just files – they’re an untapped treasure chest of data and insights.”

Vastly-improved insights into each customer enable enterprise and SME clients alike to better understand their needs. 

This is achieved through AI decoding conversations in a way that reveals greater meaning.

CallVault BI is unique in that it provides near-instant transcription for easy access to call data, rating and categorisation tools that streamline call data management and analysis, and proactive notifications that send automated alerts to inform users about relevant customer information.

All of this AI-powered analysis can be executed across vast quantities of call recordings, making CallVault BI useful for both macroanalysis and micro analysis. 

Additionally, CallVault BI leverages the full power of CallVault’s storage platform to ensure that all call data remains secure, even when being analysed. 

This security extends to accessibility, too, as only authorised personnel can access the call logs.

“By delivering actionable intelligence to enhance customer service and overall business performance, CallVault BI is a win-win – both customers and the companies that aim to satisfy their needs,” said Viljoen.

ICTGlobe.com is a leading supplier of custom, innovative, and integrated ICT solutions to South African resellers – including CallVault BI.

It offers a wide range of other products across the categories of Voice (VoIP, Hosting, and Telephone Systems), Connectivity (Fibre, Wireless, and Multi-Link) an Services (SaaS, PaaS, Hosting, and Managed Outsourcing Services).

ICTGlobe.com has a strong reputation for offering flexibility in pricing, terms, conditions and more to the end SME and enterprise client. 

When it comes to its voice solutions, carrier-grade, licensed fixed-wireless and fibre connectivity options are provided to clients via an extensive distribution channel of over 900 business partners.

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