While meetings were the mainstay of business back in the day, these days it’s all about connectivity.


Access to the internet that information and communications technology leaders like ICTGlobe.com provides through a range of fixed, wireless and blended options enables the new normal of virtual meetings and remote working that powers business today.


Shahied Williams is the CEO of TWB Communications, a Cape-based nationwide ICTGlobe.com reseller business partner and virtual service provider (VSP).

He says connectivity remains the firm’s business communication service that is most requested, in line with South Africa’s status as Africa’s most advanced economy. “Business used to run on front desks and office space – big business still does, but today productivity is often about the high-speed connectivity that enables both remote and office-bound working. It’s the one ICT service most often requested by corporates, SMEs and work-from-home users alike,” he said.


Aside from connectivity, TWB Communications is also a reseller of ICTGlobe.com Point of Sale (iPOS) solutions. These have a well-deserved reputation for being entirely immersive and fully customisable by hospitality clients. In addition, a fully redundant APN solution complements the hospitality offering across some 20 restaurants.


ICTGlobe.com also continues to support its VSPs when it comes to finance, equipment, services and other turnkey support and this has powered TWB’s opening of branded branches in leading retail malls.

‘Key role’

According to the for ICTGlobe.com Winelands business development head, Coenie Boonzaaier, “ICT plays a key role in business continuity so we’ve made sure channel partners like TWB can properly respond to the needs of their own clients. Most often, these are related to affordable bandwidth, carrier-grade access and guaranteed last-mile connectivity. As a valued VSP, TWB also gets all the support it needs to grow its business.”


After business enabling connectivity, the second most encountered TWB Communications client request relates to load shedding solutions. Once affordability is sorted out, clients across the board are concerned with how robust and resilient their new ICTGlobe.com-backed solutions are.


“Clients want peace of mind and it’s comforting for them to know TWB Communications can supply reliable on-site back-up power solutions while, in the background, ICTGlobe.com’s data centre completes our own 100% uptime guarantee with its twin back-up generators and 24/7 staff,” said Williams.


He said being an ICTGlobe.com business partner has been a hugely positive experience with access to world-leading business communication and managed services, allowing TWB Communication’s growth. “We run a lean, highly responsive operation and ICTGlobe.com has provided us with tried and tested solutions that require minimal maintenance. This enables our clients to focus on the important task of growing their own companies,” Williams said.


“Clients are greatly impressed with the general stability of their networks across connectivity and voice platforms. When queries are occasionally logged, the impressive upskilling of the ICTGlobe.com consultants we deal with means queries are always rapidly resolved.”


On the standout feature of the ICTGlobe.com product and service offerings, Williams noted the inherent flexibility in the products resellers can choose or build. “ICTGlobe.com is always willing to listen to what the reseller needs to properly service our clients,” he said.


ICTGlobe.com is today one of the country’s leading independent voice providers, with a reputation for offering flexibility in pricing, terms, conditions and more to enable business partners to achieve their growth aspirations.


Trying to find the best IT and telecom systems for your business can often appear overwhelming. However, with true partners like TWB Communications and ICTGlobe.com, ICT can be a breeze.



Speak to one of our client relationship managers about getting the right solutions implemented in your business.


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