ICTGlobe.com & Debugged Consulting: Effective ICT solutions for outstanding business outcomes


Great ICT (Information & Communications) solutions ideally hum in the background as they enable the organisation to achieve its overarching strategic objectives.

That’s the word from Ruadri Vorster, managing director of Debugged Consulting, a leading ICTGlobe.com reseller business partner that counts the nationwide Mica hardware group as a valued client.

“Companies like Mica that have nothing to do with the IT and telecoms sector just want ICT solutions that work. They are not interested in the nuts and bolts of how, they just want IT to work so they can focus on growing their core business in a competitive market,” says Ruadri.

“We totally connect the dots between bits and bytes downtime and lost rands and cents revenue. When ICT does its job, it just works and no-one knows its there,” he adds.

The slim margins in the hardware and building materials sector mean a very tight ship is run and efficiency is paramount. Of course, driving that efficiency is always-on, high-speed connectivity.

It’s understandable, then, that the ICTGlobe.com-powered solution most in demand by Mica and practically all of Debugged Consulting’s many other clients is usually reliable, redundant connectivity.

“Fibre with failover is easily our most-demanded ICT solution. Affordable bandwidth, carrier-grade access and guaranteed last-mile connectivity are all client connectivity needs expertly satisfied by ICTGlobe.com products and services,” says Ruadri.

Aside from connectivity, Debugged Consulting is also a reseller of ICTGlobe.com Point of Sale (PoS) solutions. These have a well-deserved reputation for being entirely immersive and fully customisable by clients across diverse business sectors.

Ruadri believes that simplicity is the key to doing business well and business partners should share the same commitment to no-fuss efficiency. “Having one provider for our hosting, connectivity and telephony needs supports our outcomes-focused philosophy,” he explains.

According to Lucien Brink, ICTGlobe.com Head of Business Development for the Boland region: “Businesses today want peace of mind as they focus on their objectives. It’s comforting for them to know our data centre, for example, completes our 100% uptime guarantee with its built-in redundancy and twin back-up generators and 24/7 staff.”

Ruadri notes that being an ICTGlobe.com business partner has been a hugely positive experience with access to world-leading business communication and managed services that enable growth.

“Our clients remain impressed with the general stability and reliability of their ICT networks. When queries do have to be logged, they are efficiently resolved and never simply left hanging,” concludes Ruadri.

ICTGlobe.com is today one of the country’s leading independent voice providers with a reputation for offering flexibility in pricing, terms, conditions and more to channel partners to enable business partners to achieve their growth aspirations.

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