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Living, working and running a business in South Africa means having to think out of the box.

Very often, however, that kind of thinking can be profitable – provided you have the right partner backing you all the way.

ICTGlobe is proud to be a business communication and managed services provider to AZ Solutions, a nationwide trusted technology provider going from strength-to-strength under the ‘can-do’ attitude of Managing Director Sean Young.

Someone who sees the opportunities amongst the challenges, Sean has grown the Boksburg-headquartered firm into a trusted ICT partner to many of South Africa’s leading commercial and industrial organisations.

“While loadshedding and lack of service delivery are definitely burdens to businesses, AZ Solutions also believes that they have developed their own ecosystem. By creating a new type of demand, helping to solve these issues can generate a tremendous amount of business for companies like ours,” Sean says.

AZ Solutions’ vision is to help its customers understand the new technologies that are enabling South Africa’s resilience in the face of ongoing loadshedding and how they can ensure maximum uptime. New technologies, however, can be perplexing to business leaders and their managers, used to familiar ways of making sales and generating profits.

“Together, AZ Solutions’ team of technical specialists, backed by the 24/7 support we receive from, means we can find the answer to any client question and solve every problem or query they may have,” Sean explains.

For its part, notes the growing demand in South Africa for data centre solutions, cloud hosting, and disaster recovery solutions, amongst other necessary IT and telecom solutions, amidst the current challenging environment.

“ICT now plays a key role in business continuity, so we’ve made sure our channel partners can properly respond to the increasing demand from their own clients for guaranteed uptime, always-on connectivity and greater resilience,” says Wayne Binder, Northern Head of Business Development. has been investing significantly in expanding its array of strategic, enabling business technologies with motivated reseller partners like AZ Solutions top of mind. On the ICT solutions most in demand in his region at the moment, Sean mentions VoIP services, business connectivity and backup solutions.

“ offers a wide variety of tried and tested services that align perfectly with our customer’s needs,” says Sean. “’s reliable service delivery and efficient support turnaround time, specifically when it comes to VoIP services, are big pluses when dealing with The VoIP services, in particular, are more reliable than 90% of the other providers,” he adds.

Sean further highlights just how easy it is to use services and notes VoIP and the various backup services, which require absolutely no user input. “This is specifically very attractive to our business as many of our migrations happen in the middle of the night or out of office hours,” he says.

On’s general service offering, Sean explains the firm is easily: “one of my favourite suppliers – they tend to not cause me unnecessary administration”.

We’ll continue to work hard on that!

Business communication and managed services provider has been investing significantly in expanding its array of carrier-grade, licensed fixed-wireless and fibre connectivity ICT options with reseller partners top of mind.

“ICT today is a strategic imperative because of the key role it now plays in business continuity. It’s also a very competitive space, so we’ve made sure our channel partners can properly respond to the increasing demand from their own clients for more bandwidth, carrier-grade access and guaranteed last-mile connectivity, all capped by a need for cost savings,” says co-CEO, Rad Jankovic.

For NanoCloud; a Cape-based reseller of data centre, back-up power, cybersecurity, connectivity and other IT and telecoms solutions; being an reseller has had “a significant positive impact on our wider business”.

That’s according to NanoCloud director Garth de Oliveira. “ offers a wide variety of tried and tested services that align perfectly with our customers’ needs. This allows us to provide comprehensive and reliable solutions to our clients, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty.”

Garth also points to the growing demand in South Africa for data centre solutions, including colocation services, cloud hosting, and disaster recovery solutions. “The data centre solutions offered by have proven to be essential for businesses looking to enhance their communication infrastructure and optimise their data management capabilities,” he adds.

On the ICT solutions most in demand in his region at the moment, Garth says that Voice over IP (VoIP) and fibre-based Internet services are priorities for his clients as they provide reliable and high-speed connectivity for both businesses and individuals.

As always, the spectre of loadshedding is an ever-present concern, but Nanocloud rests assured that’s data centre, complete with double back-up generators, ensures and completes NanoCloud’s own 100% uptime guarantee. “The fact that the data centre is manned night and day as a preventative measure is very reassuring to us,” says Grant.

He also cites’s “robust infrastructure and advanced technology” that enables NanoCloud to deliver high-performance services to customers. “The reliability and scalability of’s solutions have boosted our reputation as a trusted provider in the market, attracting new clients and driving business growth,” he says while noting that NanoCloud, as an ICTGlobe reseller, benefits from the latter’s extensive support and training programme.

The result is that NanoCloud teams always have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively market and sell their services, further strengthening the firm’s competitive advantage.

“My clients frequently express their satisfaction with the ICT services provided. They often commend the reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness of the solutions delivered. Their feedback highlights the seamless user experience, prompt support, and the positive impact on their day-to-day operations. It is rewarding to receive such positive comments, as they reflect the dedication and commitment I have towards meeting my client’s needs,” concludes Garth. is today one of the country’s leading independent voice providers with a reputation for offering flexibility in pricing, terms, conditions and more to channel partners to enable business partners to achieve their growth aspirations.

Trying to find the best IT and telecom systems for your business can often appear overwhelming. However, with true partners like NanoCloud and, ICT can be a breeze.

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